Life is an adventure or nothing at all

“When life brings you mountains, you don’t waste your time asking why; you spend your time climbing over them."

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As a kid I always kind of was the wild one that liked to climb rocks and trees to get myself into the trouble that scares any mom. Action sports came to me so much quicker than any traditional sport. When I just ran with the fact that I was never going to be any good at traditional sports I grew to love so many more hobbies.

If you don't have any adventure in your life what do you have

My Latest Adventures

 Spectacular day of #tryhard! Crushing and developing never been touched rock in #zionnationalpark #bouldering #adventure #weekendwarrior  November and somehow we still think #canyoneering is a good idea. Amazing day in #sprycanyon! #therewassnowontheground #weekendwarrior #adventure #zionnationalpark
 Super thankful for family, friends, health and mobility! Nothing better then a #turkeyday ride!  Another check on the bucket list! #skydiving #adventure #weekendwarrior thanks to @ducpower89 for making it happen and @jordanjardino for joining me!
 #joshuatreenationalpark was a blast! The #bouldering is sharp, the lead #climbing is sketchy and the people are awesome. Ready to go back and make this a tradition! #weekendwarrior #adventure  Happy Birthday to the most amazing, kind & caring woman on this planet! #mymomisbetterthanyours she has taught me to never stop working toward greatness. Having family that are willing to support you in anything you set your mind to makes all the difference! #bestmomaward
 Epic #adventure in #joshuatreenationalpark with the gang! Nothing better then hollering and waking up the whole campground at 2AM sending a ultra classic R rated highball! The psych was so high!!!! #bouldering #twentythreefeet #weekendwarrior  There aren't many sports you can enjoy failing at the whole time, but #climbing you have to, once you finish a project it's time for the next. Gnarly #weekendwarrior #adventure with @camcole1231 #utah #sportclimbing